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Botox Is Any Substance Or Material Infused Into The Skin Which Can Stop Or Slow Down The Movement And Development Of Muscles. It Also Stops The Creation Of Wrinkles And Helps Them From Getting Worse. Although It Is A Very Poisonous Substance But If Used With Safety And Little Amount In The Field Of Cosmetic, It Can Make The Wrinkles On Your Skin Less Visible.

The Results Of This Treatment Are Temporary So You May Need Frequent Sessions. Which Is Why This Treatment Is Considered Expensive. The Cost Can Range From $100 To $500 Per Session Depending On Your Area. It Has Been Found Out That People Who Are More Involved In Botox Might Start Having Less Feelings And Emotions Because They Reach The Face Through Facial Functions. Therefore Many People Look For The Alternate Ways For Botox. Let’s Have A Look At Some Of The Alternatives Below:

  • Face Exercises:
    Dropping Of Cheeks And Jaws Can Be Cured Even With Face Exercises Rather Than Surgeries Or Injections. Many Celebrities Also In Favor Of Face Exercising As It Is A Healthier Alternative To Botox. The Results Of Face Exercising Speak For Themselves And No Proof Is Required To Support It.


  • All Natural.

  • Shorter Recovery Time.

  • Helps To Strengthen Muscles.

  • Removes Wrinkles And Lines.

  • Improves The Tone Of The Skin.


  • No Immediate Result.

  • A Bit Expensive.

  • May Damage Your Facial Muscles If Done Improperly.


Vitamins Is Also A Great Alternative For Botox. Taking Enough Vitamins Can Keep The Skin Healthy And Glowing. It Would Also Stop The Skin From Ageing. Vitamins Can Be Taken In The Form Of Supplements And Skin Care Products As Well. You Can Get The Best Skin Care Products Which Have A Lot Of Vitamins From Doramour Cosmetic Company.


  • Affordable.

  • Easy To Get.

  • Provide Nutrients To The Body.


  • Less Obvious Results.

  • Requires A Lot Of Attention While Buying The Supplements.

Facial Creams:

A Lot Of Skin Care Products Claim To Treat And Prevent Wrinkles. Many Women Dread Wrinkles And Tend To Go For Facial Creams For Its Prevention Or Stoppage. You Can Get The Best Anti Ageing And Anti Wrinkles Cream From The Number One Cosmetic Company Known As Doramour.


  • Mineral And Vitamins Are Added In The Creams.

  • Eliminates The Dead Skin Cells.

  • Easy To Use.

  • Easy To Find.

  • Comes In Wide Range Of Prices.


  • Hard To Select The Right Type.

  • Some Creams Are A Lot Expensive.

  • Allergies May Be Developed If They Do Not Suit Your Skin Type.

Other Types Of Injections:

There Are Many Different Types Of Injectables Available Other Than Botox Which Give The Same Results. They Are Also Less Expensive. Some Of These Are Dysport And Myobloc.


  • The Give The Same Result As Botox.

  • Less Expensive As Compared To Botox.


  • Overall An Expensive Treatment As Compared To Other Alternatives.

Thus Botox Is Not The Only Way To Get Rid Of Wrinkles And Face Lines. You Can Also Look At Many Of Its Alternatives To Choose Which One Is Best For You.

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