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Acne Is The Worst, Whether You Are In Your Teenage Years Or Whether You Are An Adult. It Is Possibly The One Thing This Entire World Can Agree On, And That Is That Acne Is Not The Best Look To Have. Though Acne Is More So A Teenage Phase That Passes, There Are People Who Get Acne Well Into Their 20s And 30s. Why Is That? Well, In This Article, You Will Be Told Exactly Why You Can Still Have An Acne Breakout In Your 20s And 30s.

What Is Adult Acne?

Adult Acne, In Its Essence, Is Very Similar To The Acne That You Get As A Teenager. While Having Acne As A Teenager Is A Rite Of Passage That Every Teen Goes Through, Adult Acne Is Quite Different In That Term. Adult Acne Can Be Caused By Multiple Reasons But The Main Root Cause Is That It Is Caused By Oily Skin And Bacteria. This Is The Same Ingredient As The One You Get In Teenage Years. The Reason Why It Can Come Back Or Get Inflamed Is Simply Due To Nay Hormonal Change Or Bad Diets Such As Junk Food Or Smoking.

Causes Of Adult Acne

So, What Are The Causes Of Adult Acne? Well Here Are Just A Few Reasons Why You May Still Be Breaking Out.

  • Hormonal Changes
    Now, This May Seem Scary But It Is The Most Common Cause Of Breakouts In Your 20s And 30s. From Pregnancy To Getting Your Monthly Cycle, Any Hormonal Imbalance Can Cause An Eruption Of Zits. In Males, The Increase In Testosterone Can Be A Huge Cause For Breakouts.

  • Stress
    Stress And Anxiety Seem To Be A Hand-In-Hand Emotion That Our Generation Works On. Stress Can Cause Fluctuations In Our Body In Terms Of Hormones And Thus Can Result In Getting Acne Or Breakouts. The Hormone Released In Stress, Cortisol, Just May Be The Reason For Your Adult Acne. So, Keep That Stress And Anxiety In Check. Go See Your Therapist. 

  • Pollution
    The More Time Passes The More Pollution Is Increasing By The Second. Pollution Is A Mixture Of Harmful Chemicals In The Air Plus UV Rays From The Sun. The Skin Can Sometimes React To That Harmful Air Outside And Breakout. That Is Why It Is Best To Wash Your Face Properly Once You Come Back From The Outside And Make Sure You Treat Your Skin Right. 

Ways To Keep Acne Away

Below Are Just A Few Ways To Keep Acne Away From Your Adult Skin. 

  • Consult A Dermatologist Immediately, This Way You Will Be Getting Professional Help.

  • Only Go For Recommended Creams That Are Approved By Doctors And Other Adults Who Have Gone Through Adult Acne.

  • Do Not Wash Your Face Or Use Cleansers Frequently Or Daily. That Destroys The Protective Layer Of The Skin On Your Face. Be Gentle With The Washing. Avoid Harsh Touch.

If You Do The Above But Most Importantly, Talk To A Dermatologist Then You Will Be In Good Hands. Adult Acne May Not Be The Best Phase In Your Life, But If Treated Right, You Will Get Out Of It Scar-Free.

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