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Follow SAFFRON COSMETICS on social media sites like Instagram , Facebook, etc. to get about SAFFRON COSMETICS’s latest visions and to learn more about our distinctive culture and approach to business.

Please note that SAFFRON COSMETICS is not responsible for the content that others post on our Social Media profiles and therefore it may not represent the views of SAFFRON COSMETICS.

Mention of security should not be considered a recommendation or solicitation to purchase or sell the security, and any securities mentioned are not necessarily held by SAFFRON COSMETICS for client portfolios.  Information posted represents an opinion as of the date published and should not be considered an investment recommendation. 

If you respond or comment on our Social Media posts, you are agreeing to abide by SAFFRON COSMETICS’s Social Media guidelines:

Do not post off-topic, inappropriate content

Do not promote third-party sites

Do not post advertisements

Do not use offensive language

We reserve the right to moderate comments and to block users who don’t follow these guidelines.

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