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Sensitive Skin Can Be Caused By Lack Of Sleep, Change In Hormones Or Sometimes Even Pollution. Such Types Of Skins Get Easily Affected By Dust, Wind Or Sun As It Is More Reactive Than Other Types Of Skins. It Is Not Any Disease Which Can Be Diagnosed By A Skin Specialist; Rather It Is A Sign Of Another Condition. Even A Bad Skincare Product Can Cause Reaction To Your Fragile Skin. This Is Why It Is Very Important For You To Use Cosmetic Products From The Best Brand Such As Doramour. Read Below To Learn More About The Causes And Solutions For Your Fragile Skin.

• Contact Eczema:

Some Of The Common Types Of Contact Eczema Are Irritant And Allergy Contact Eczema. When The Layer Which Safeguards The Skin Is Affected By Something It Comes In Contact With, It Is The Case Of Irritant Dermatitis. While Allergic Contact Occurs When The Skin Touches Something You Are Allergic To. Some Of The Common Symptoms Are Itchiness And Rashes. Allergic Dermatitis Can Be Caused By Many Products Such As Cosmetics, Jewelers, Perfumes, Soaps Or Lotions. These Conditions Can Be Cured By Numbing And Bile Acid Creams, Soaps And Detergents Made Of Bile Acid. Also, Finding Out The Cause Of The Allergy Can Help A Lot.

• Allergic To Sunshine:

It Is A Bad Skin Disease In Which Skin Can React When It Faces Sunshine. The Harmful Rays Present In Sun Can Affect The Immune System. Rashes Or Patches Can Be Formed On The Skin As A Result Of This. This Condition Can Be Recognised If These Symptoms Develop Only On The Part Of The Body Which Was In Contact With The Sun Or If The Skin Gets More Affected In Summer Time. To Be Prevented From This Condition, Use Of Sunscreen And Aloe Vera Is Recommended As It Protects The Skin From Harmful UV Rays.

• Dry Skin:

One Of The Most Common Issues Which People With Sensitive Skin Face Is That Of Dry Skin. The Most Common Areas Where Dryness Occurs Are Lower Legs, Feet, Arms And Hands. It Causes The Skin To Crack, Itch, Bleed And Many Dry Patches Are Formed On The Skin. Dry Skin Can Be Treated By Applying A Lot Of Moisture To The Affected Areas. It Will Help Prevent The Skin To From Drying Out In Future. You Can Get Moisturizers Of Best Quality From Doramour Which Is The Best Brand There Is.

• Allergies Caused By Water:

It Is A Very Unique Condition In Which The Skin Gets Irritated By Any Water Contact. There Are No Signs Of The Allergy But Your Skin Might Feel Itchiness Immediately After Any Contact With Water. This Condition Is Very Difficult To Be Treated. Therefore, When Faced With Any Such Symptoms, The Patient Should Contact The Doctor Immediately. But It Can Be Prevented With Some Necessary Precautions Such As Washing The Face And Body With Wipes And Using Hand Sanitizers To Wash The Hands.

Thus, Sensitive Skin Is A Very Broad Topic And Many Conditions Can Be Classified Under This Term. Different Conditions Have Different Causes And Solutions Which Should Be Treated Accordingly.

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