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Saffron acts as a natural skin barrier, helping the skin to stay plump and hydrated. It plays an important role in protecting the cellular and membrane structures of the skin which helps to reduce any environmental damage caused to the skin.

Saffron plays a critical role in the skin issues like dryness, inflammation, dark spots, loss of elasticity, and pigmentation are caused by damaged skin cells. Saffron consist of Crocin, a powerful Antioxidant that is high in Vitamin C.  This helps to protects and boots the skin in its renewal process.  You will find it repairs acne, scars and other signs on the skin.

Its natural Anti-inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial properties remove any dirt and impurities and thus plays a fundamental role in the prevention and clear-up of an Acne prone skin. 

Saffron protects and heals. It repairs and revives. It brings back the glow to your skin.

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