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An Unreal Reality That Surprises Me About Myself Is My Aging. It’s Something That We All Must Go Through Regardless Of The Effort You Put In To Stay Healthy And Young. Saggy Skin And A Sinking Face Is A Nightmare For Anyone Who Has Recently Turned Fifty, Although I Still Feel Like Living My Thirties. Several Researches Concluded That Aging Faces Are Perceived As Negative And Others May See Them As Exasperated, Which Might Not Always Be The Case As I Am Usually In A Pretty Good Mood.

I Had Devoted A Lot Of Time And Effort On Self-Care In My Life But My Twenties Were All About Inadequate Sleep Soaked In Baby Oil On The Beach, Abundant Alcohol And Inadequate Sleep. Anyways, I’ve Looked Pretty Good All My Life But A Little Peek In The Mirror Reveals The Reality Of Broken Blood Vessels And Dark Circles Under My Dropping Eyes.

Although Being A Journalist, And Taking A Look At Celebrities Up Close, I Witnessed Some Dreadful Work Done On Their Faces. However, I’ve Never Entertained The Urge To Meddle With My Face And Skin For Which Self-Admiration Can Be Accounted For. My Recent Photo Shoots, With Workers Decades Younger, Made Me Realize The Difference Between My Inner And Outer Self.

However, Modern Methods Of Face Lifting And Skin Restoration Are Commendable. One Such Example Is “Composite Micro Treatments” That Uses Multiple Non Surgical Procedures. It’s A Process That Tweaks Your Current Expressions Rather Than Taking Them Away That I Can Appreciate.

I Met Several Doctors After Consulting With Some Friends. On Meeting My Fourth One, A Woman Who Looked Incredible In Her Seventies, I Couldn’t Help But Think Of My Mother When She Told Me That Eventually, We Fade Away. Waiting In The Doctor’s Office, I Saw A Woman Across The Room, In A Classy Suit, Using Her Phone. A Woman Who’s Age I Just Couldn’t Guess.

Anyways, My Doctor Pulled Me In Her Office And Took A Seat On Her White Chair. Taking Several Sharp Looks At My Face, She Wrote Down Several Things Before Concluding That If I Only Use Injectables, It Would Reduce My Wrinkles.

I Decided To Go With This Dermatologist Because Of Her Exceptional Qualification And Her Intellectual Character. She Also Recommended A Few Laser Treatments And Method With Radio Technology.


I Decided To Go With Her And Booked My First Appointment Before I Changed My Mind. Agenesis Laser Used Heating To Boost The Collagen And Reduce Broken Capillaries. As The Device Roamed Across My Face, It Was A Bit Relaxing, Even Though I Could Smell My Own Flesh Burning.

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