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There Must Have Been Times When You Must Have Noticed That Your Skin Has A Different Color From The Rest Of The Area. Especially In Your Face, There Are Many Areas Where You May Have A Different Colouration Than The Rest. This Is Called Hyperpigmentation And, In This Article, You Will Be Told What It Is And How You Can Get Rid Of It.

What Is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation, In Simple And Layman’s Terms, Are Dark Spots On Your Face Or Anywhere Else That Are Darker Than The Rest Of Your Skin. This Is Because There Is Extra Pigmentation There. It Can Be Caused By Multiple Factors But Mostly They Are Caused By:

  • Extreme Sun Exposure Which Can Lead To The Harmful UV Rays Affecting The Skin.

  • Melasma, Which Is An Effect That Pregnant Women Go Through And Sometimes Men Where It Occurs Due To Sun Exposure, Genetics And Hormonal Changes.

  • Any Medical Condition That May Cause An Increase In Melanin Production.

If Taken Care Of And Treated Properly, You Will Be Able To Get Rid Of Them.

How To Treat Hyperpigmentation?

Treatment Of Hyperpigmentation Is Not That Extensive And Hard As Some Might Think. You Will Just Have To Follow Some Treatments Properly And You Will Be Able To Get Rid Of It Easily.

  • Moisturizer
    Using A Moisturizer To Keep Your Skin From Drying Up And Cracking May Just Be The Best Defense For Hyperpigmentation. Moisturizers With Glycerin And Hyaluronic Acid Are Best To Be Used For Hyperpigmentation. 

  • Don’t Touch Facial Injuries
    From Bug Bites To Wanting To Pop Blackheads Or Pimples, The Answer To All That Is, Don’t Do It! The Reason Is That You Are Increasing Inflammation In The Area And Thus Can Cause Discoloration. Try To Avoid Touching Pimples Or Any Other Injury Because Any Irritation Caused By You Could Risk The Chance Of Hyperpigmentation. 

  • Consult A Dermatologist
    Though This Goes Without Saying, Please Do Consult A Dermatologist If Nothing Works For You. Dermatologist Specializes In Skin And Its Different Conditions. It Is Best To Talk To Them About Any Aggressive Therapies That You Might Want To Take. Sometimes Hyperpigmentation May Only Go Away Through Harsh Treatment, And That Should Only Be Done Under A Doctor’s Supervision. 

  • Protection For The Future
    The Best Way To Make Sure You Don’t Get Hyperpigmentation Is To Protect Your Skin From It For Any Future Instances. It Is Best To Use An SPF Sunscreen That Will Not Only Protect Your Skin From The Harmful UV Rays From The Sun But Also Provide A Layer F Protection From Any Other Irritations. 

  • Medication In A Tube
    Most Dermatologist, If You Go To Them, Would Recommend You To Start Using A Tube With Hydroquinone And Other Substances, Which Is Considered The Best For Dark Spots And Hyperpigmentation’s. This Is A Highly Concentrated Tube And Thus Needs To Be Used As Per Doctors’ Orders. 

If You Follow The Above-Mentioned Tips Then It Is Highly Possible That You Can Get Rid Of Your Dark Spots And Hyperpigmentation. The Best Way Is To Go To A Doctor Who Can Then Devise A Plan According To Your Problem.

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