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Instant Repair Skin Tightening
  • Instant Repair Skin Tightening

    This Anti-Aging Cream Assists In Reducing The Puffiness Under The Eyes, And Its Assists In Reducing The Dark Circles And Wrinkles Under The Eyes.

    TheAnti-Aging Cream Is Enriched With A Hyaluronic Acid That Increases The Moisture And Protects The Skin From Harmful Radicals.

    It Is Also Enriched With Peptides That Increase The Production Of Elastin And Collagen.

    The Eye Cream Also Strengthens The Firmness And Flexibility Of The Tissues, Which Gives The Skin A Healthy, Young, And Fresh Look.

    ✔ It Reduces The Puffiness Beneath The Eyes

    ✔ It Reduces The Dark Circles Beneath The Eyes

    ✔ It Reduces The Wrinkles Beneath The Eyes And In The Skin Face

    ✔ It Lightens The Pigmentation In The Skin Face

    ✔ It Increases The Skin's Elasticity And Flexibility

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